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TEC 2020 Annual Report

Our refreshed brand style has been rolled out onto the TEC Annual Report.

Feel Good Festivities

Providing The Manor Butchery with a quality Christmas marketing campaign.

Our Lockdown Project

Art Prints kept our creative hands busy and are now a successful business!

TEC 2020 Reboot

We’re helping many of our clients to come back stronger and better than ever.


Designed for online ordering, and to showcase the STACKED offer.

Training Illustrations

A full suite of illustrations for a ‘Portering Training’ document for Sodexo.

Kiosk Illustrations

The Dough & Go ‘Sliced ‘G’ device is the framework for illustrating their range of delicious pizzas.

Strong New Identity

A rebrand project for successful scaffolding business, Extreme Scaffolding.

Seasonal STACKED campaigns

We keep STACKED customer communications exciting throughout the year with a variety of seasonal promotions.

Boston’s Bakery Rebrand

A brand identity designed to convey the quality and authenticity of the product.

Windsor Farm Shop: Designing for a Heritage Brand

Heritage brands make us feel as if we are part of something bigger, something solid and secure. We are fascinated by their history, interesting personality and longevity. Many of these brands have been staples for decades, maybe even centuries, and their message, which is usually that of uncompromising quality, remains unchanged. Here at Allen Creative, […]

Top Tips for Winning Catering Contracts – LACA Main Event 2017

I have attended LACA Main Event Conferences for a few years now, and there really isn’t a better place to surround yourself with the education catering world. One thing I’ve always enjoyed about these conferences is how they provide a busy mix of school catering insight, skill based competitions, innovation and, last but not least, […]

Techtile London: A Successful Local Business Partnership

Here at Allen Creative, we absolutely love working with great businesses from our local community. Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of any local community, and there is no end of exciting opportunities for them to attract new customers locally and beyond. But of course it can be hard for smaller businesses to […]

The Manor Butchery: From Concept to Online Identity

There’s no denying that the explosive growth of the social media platform in recent years has had a profound effect on how businesses and customers interact.  Nowadays, successful businesses don’t just use the platform to advertise their products, but also to exhibit a sense of online identity and personality with which prospective clients and customers […]

A Blooming Marvellous HTA Catering Conference 2017

The speakers and work-shop events at this years HTA Catering Conference seemed to really capture the moment. Peter Avis, Restaurant Manager of Babylon London, had the room in the palm of his hand, speaking eloquently from the heart (no slide show needed for him).  His personal journey and impressive career would inspire anyone from any […]

Craft Identity for The Manor Butchery

Our identity for The Manor Butchery in Ruislip gets a big thumbs up from the owner Chris Legg.

Summer Holiday Activity Pack for Care Homes

Our ‘Summer Holiday Activity Pack’ for Unilever Food Solutions is aimed at promoting cognitive health and improving the well-being of older people living in residential care.

‘Stand-Out’ Exhibition Stands for In-house Manager

In-house Manager is exhibiting with the ‘Stand-Out Stands’ that we designed for them.

New Menus for Bob’s Café

Two menus designed to make choosing a meal appropriate for your diet a doddle.

Award Winning, Market Leading, Specialist Retail Event

With 93% of visitors saying that the Farm Food & Deli Show 2016 met or exceeded their expectations, we decided that the 2017 exhibition was the perfect forum to showcase how we support food and drink brands. We’re excited to meet our fellow exhibitors and visitors in equal measure. We’ll be reaching out to businesses who […]

Original Illustrations

Creating eye-catching illustrations that engage with an audience, is especially rewarding.

Powerful Photos

A well planned photo shoot, with the focus on creating beautiful, hardworking images is always a good investment.

A Unique Artisan Brand for Hibiscus Lily

In 2014, we created a very special, hand-drawn logo as part of a brand identity for Hibicus Lily!