The Manor Butchery: From Concept to Online Identity

There’s no denying that the explosive growth of the social media platform in recent years has had a profound effect on how businesses and customers interact.  Nowadays, successful businesses don’t just use the platform to advertise their products, but also to exhibit a sense of online identity and personality with which prospective clients and customers can communicate as if they knew each other.

So when Chris Legg from The Manor Butchery approached us to design his brand identity, we knew that creating a strong and personable presence on social media would be imperative.

Social Media banner for The Manor Butchery

Social Media banner for The Manor Butchery

For starters, during our research we noticed a trend with contemporary butchers, that their focus was becoming centred on the craft of butchery, the source of the produce, as well as their service to the local community.  People are now becoming interested again with the artisanal nature of butchery, something that was under threat of being forgotten with the growing dominance of the supermarket.  To take advantage of this trend we ensured that Chris’s skills and knowledge of the craft, as well as the renowned reputation of his suppliers would be front and centre of his social media plan.  This is reflected effectively by the clean white tiles of his brand theme, and easily recognisable “Quality Craft Cuts” stamp that ensures that the upmost care and expertise has been applied to every cut of meat and link of sausages.

Example of Social Media Artwork

Example of Social Media Artwork

An equally important aspect of modern butchery, is the interaction and importance that they have with the local community.  Butchers are inherently a local institution, the relationship they forge with their customers day in, day out is definitely something unique.  Luckily social media offers an equally unique approach to interacting with the local community, such as local business groups, community interest groups and local events promoters.  Additionally these groups all know and talk to each other, so building a strong relationship with these networks can open the local community to your business as effectively as any traditional advertising campaign.

As always, we at Allen Creative love working with businesses that recognise the constantly changing world of marketing, and relish the opportunity to share with our clients our knowledge and expertise in this exciting new world that is social media.


Check out Chris and The Manor Butchery team over at: @manorbutchery


Harry Dear, Digital Marketing & Customer Services Executive

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