Strong New Identity

A rebrand project for successful scaffolding business, Extreme Scaffolding.

Boston’s Bakery Rebrand

A brand identity designed to convey the quality and authenticity of the product.

Windsor Farm Shop: Designing for a Heritage Brand

Heritage brands make us feel as if we are part of something bigger, something solid and secure. We are fascinated by their history, interesting personality and longevity. Many of these brands have been staples for decades, maybe even centuries, and their message, which is usually that of uncompromising quality, remains unchanged. Here at Allen Creative, […]

Techtile London: A Successful Local Business Partnership

Here at Allen Creative, we absolutely love working with great businesses from our local community. Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of any local community, and there is no end of exciting opportunities for them to attract new customers locally and beyond. But of course it can be hard for smaller businesses to […]

Craft Identity for The Manor Butchery

Our identity for The Manor Butchery in Ruislip gets a big thumbs up from the owner Chris Legg.

‘Stand-Out’ Exhibition Stands for In-house Manager

In-house Manager is exhibiting with the ‘Stand-Out Stands’ that we designed for them.

A Unique Artisan Brand for Hibiscus Lily

In 2014, we created a very special, hand-drawn logo as part of a brand identity for Hibicus Lily!