Techtile London: A Successful Local Business Partnership

Here at Allen Creative, we absolutely love working with great businesses from our local community. Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of any local community, and there is no end of exciting opportunities for them to attract new customers locally and beyond. But of course it can be hard for smaller businesses to […]

The Manor Butchery: From Concept to Online Identity

There’s no denying that the explosive growth of the social media platform in recent years has had a profound effect on how businesses and customers interact.  Nowadays, successful businesses don’t just use the platform to advertise their products, but also to exhibit a sense of online identity and personality with which prospective clients and customers […]

A Blooming Marvellous HTA Catering Conference 2017

The speakers and work-shop events at this years HTA Catering Conference seemed to really capture the moment. Peter Avis, Restaurant Manager of Babylon London, had the room in the palm of his hand, speaking eloquently from the heart (no slide show needed for him).  His personal journey and impressive career would inspire anyone from any […]