Top Tips for Winning Catering Contracts – LACA Main Event 2017

I have attended LACA Main Event Conferences for a few years now, and there really isn’t a better place to surround yourself with the education catering world. One thing I’ve always enjoyed about these conferences is how they provide a busy mix of school catering insight, skill based competitions, innovation and, last but not least, […]

A Blooming Marvellous HTA Catering Conference 2017

The speakers and work-shop events at this years HTA Catering Conference seemed to really capture the moment. Peter Avis, Restaurant Manager of Babylon London, had the room in the palm of his hand, speaking eloquently from the heart (no slide show needed for him).  His personal journey and impressive career would inspire anyone from any […]

‘Stand-Out’ Exhibition Stands for In-house Manager

In-house Manager is exhibiting with the ‘Stand-Out Stands’ that we designed for them.