School Foods Initiative



UFS Primary School Food Programme

We have worked with Unilever Food Solutions since 2012, supporting them with their highly successful School Food Programme. Our latest addition to the programme is a colourful, regionally specific menu pack with a seasonal theme, aimed at primary schools. It includes an activation book to guide school caterers, regional recipes, seasonal calendars, fun posters and dish of the day cards to engage pupils. We hope it will be a powerful tool in encouraging children to eat healthily.

School Food Programme illustration

Our brief to Allen Creative was to shape a programme around ‘Making School Meals Fun’ to help school caterers raise the uptake of healthy school meals and we have been delighted with the creative they have provided. It addresses a critical need but designed in a personal way that really connects and engages with the target audience. We look forward to seeing how our customers react when we launch.

"Channel Marketing Manager, Unilever Food Solutions"

Exceeding Targets

In 2016, a target of 60,000 meals donated to the World Food Programme, which was an increase of 7% on 2015, was exceeded. UFS heralded this as a brilliant result that demonstrated real added value.