Cohesive Corporate Branding



The Energy Consortium

When a new client feels as passionately about cohesive branding as we do, we know we’ll make a great partnership.

Allen Creative was given the opportunity to rebuild corporate materials for The Energy Consortium, from newsletters to members reports, and in doing so are transforming the way their members experience their brand.

Developing an assured look and feel for TEC across all sales and marketing materials was key. We created a dynamic platform of imagery, icons and infographics to deliver on immediate activities and which we’ll expand for future projects.

The Energy Consortium now has a solid brand foundation to deliver consistency at every touch point. Working with their marketing team, we’re supporting them to achieve this with their internal materials too. Yes, we do occasionally work in PowerPoint, but only if we’re asked nicely!

As with most things, timing is of the essence and with TEC celebrating their 25th Anniversary this summer they couldn’t be looking better for their big event!

We’re really proud of the partnership we have with Allen Creative. As a not for profit Public Contracting Authority we don’t have a huge budget and need a full service agency capable of understanding our unique needs. What we do is complicated and difficult to understand.

Allen Creative have helped to cut through all the noise and to update our brand so that we’re represented as clear, professional and transparent which also happens to be part of our key values!

"Head of Communications & Marketing, The Energy Consortium"