Festive Branding


    Brand Design

    Bob's Merry Christmas

    We’ve had a merry time creating the look and feel for the festive season 2017 at Bob’s Café.

    The team at Bob’s have all the marketing tools needed for a successful Christmas: a pre-order festive menu complete with a dusting of snow, jolly POS displays and social media graphics all ready to be unwrapped in the coming weeks.

    While the festive season provides restaurants with one of the year’s greatest opportunities for sales, it’s also highly competitive. We’re very pleased that Bob’s Café is now well positioned to be hosting some of the most jubilant dinner parties in London!



    The Allen Creative team make our vision come to life through their creativity, particularly our beautiful 2017 festive designs. Nothing is ever too much to ask, and they bring a strong level of organisation to our business.

    "Managing Director"